About Us

Although our facility is new, and growing, this isn’t our first rodeo! Once upon a time the owners and their first two horses were located at Secretariat’s Meadow Farm, the current State Fair of Virginia location. After the State Fair bought the location, South Meadow Stables came to fruition when the barn to the south of The Meadows was leased. It contained 3 shed-row style barns, which had previously been used as the location for the weanlings from The Meadows to be separated from their mothers. This became home for 8 years.

In the summer of 2014, the new location was purchased. Maintaining history, many of the fence posts and boards existing on the property have been recycled from the original Meadow Farm. The current facility is located on 17 flat acres just 5 minutes from Ashland, Virginia, and have plans to offer full board once the primary barn has been built. To view our current options, please visit our facilities or our services page. We’re hopeful for a great future in our new home!

Although the primary riding style is Western, and speed events, we cater to all disciplines with our riders having various backgrounds. We have been caring, and riding, horses for well over a decade. We’re always willing to help out those interested in riding, and first time horse owners. Visitors are always welcome, we just ask that you respect the property and our horses!